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            Business acquisitions involve risks: financial, fiscal, pension, legal, operational or administrative risks.

            The transaction advisory services provided by Grant Thornton offer a clear overview of the risks involved in the potential acquisition – but also the opportunities. Our specialists analyse and identify the establishment of existing and future requirements, assess the value of the assets and determine the constancy of the future earnings forecasts.

            Due diligence investigation

            A key aspect of transaction advisory services is the due diligence investigation. A due diligence maps out the potential risks related to a contemplated transaction. Our experts at Grant Thornton also pay special attention to transfer pricing. This is an absolute necessity now that the rules for transfer pricing are increasingly stringent.

            Transactional services

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            An independent due diligence investigation is recommended for both the seller and buyer. After all, the selling party has a duty to report all essential information, while the buying party has to meet an inspection requirement. A due diligence also assesses the quality of the information provided. The assessment also makes pronouncements on the soundness of the assumptions and forecasts and takes stock of opportunities, risks and added value.

            Our findings are presented in a clear and organised way in a concise report. We present the most salient facts in a separate section known as the executive summary. The report will probably lead to a stronger bargaining position.