For certain employees hired from outside of the Netherlands who bring specific expertise to the Netherlands, a special tax ruling exists called the '30% ruling'.

 It allows an employer to provide an employee with a tax-free allowance of up to 30% of his/her wages.

We have a very transparent fee structure for 30% ruling applications. Our competitive fixed-fee includes all of the following:

  • filing a pro-forma request for the 30% ruling with the tax authorities (when necessary);
  • gathering information and filing the final 30% application;
  • follow-up communications with employer, employee and/or tax authorities;
  • review of the 30% ruling grant and forwarding the tax ruling (plus taxpayer's copy) to the employee and employer for further procedure;
  • further assistance regarding the benefits of the 30% ruling such as obtaining a Dutch driver's license.
Tax director Brian James

Dutch 30% ruling

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Requesting the 30% rule

Grant Thornton’s Global mobility services specialists can assess and request the 30% rule for you as an employer (and for your employee). By applying on time, the employer and the employee are guaranteed to be able to apply the 30% rule from the first working day. Grant Thornton has a cooperation with the tax authorities, which means requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

We can also help your Human Resources department to implement the 30% rule in your (expat) payroll. This also applies to the application for work permits and the required visas.

International network

Grant Thornton is a member of Grant Thornton International Ltd’s international network, which means we can support you and your expats with HR questions in more than 130 countries.

Questions regarding the 30% ruling?

Do you have questions regarding the 30% ruling or are you interested in your personal copy of the book? Please contact our specialist.