Do you want to innovate and are you looking for financing?

Requesting a WBSO subsidy for innovation

Do you develop new products, processes or software? And you are looking for possibilities to lower the costs of your innovations? The Dutch subsidy arrangement for research and development, WBSO (Wet bevordering Speur en ontwikkelwerk), partly compensates the costs of innovation.

The WBSO invites you, as an employer, or employee in paid employment, to initiate a technical change process on a project basis. The essence of the WBSO is formulating the (software) technical problem that you are trying to solve in a short and concise manner. The result is a subsidy that delivers approximately 10 euros per hour.

Grant Thornton can help you to request the WBSO

You can file a WBSO request a maximum of three times per year. Annually, about 25,000 companies request the WBSO, ranging from multinationals to one-man businesses. The scoring percentage in requesting the WBSO is above 90 percent.

Subsidy advice

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