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Corporate finance

How do I get the best deal when selling my business or acquiring another business?

I want to grow through acquisitions, but need to investigate which companies best fit my strategy? How do I finance the intended growth? How do I, as a management team member, negotiate with my boss about acquiring his company? How can I optimise the sale of my company? What should my main focus areas be? Many questions surround an acquisitions, for all the parties involved. Very understandable, as this is not an easy step.

Time to weigh things up

Not only do we ensure that both parties make well-informed decisions based on unambiguous figures, but also that an acquisition takes place under the right conditions, resulting in a satisfactory transaction for all.

Selling or acquiring a business

We ensure that the sales process runs smoothly, so that you can get on with the day to day operations.

We provide five services:

  • business acquisitions
  • sale of your business
  • business valuation (specifically for acquisitions and sales)
  • financing solutions
  • management buyouts.

Evert Everaarts will be happy to answer your questions about acquisitions. Please call him.


Evert Everaarts

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Contact our specialist

Grant Thornton can help you with:

  • advice about the right deal structure;
  • finding the right (international) buyers or acquisition candidates;
  • drafting a persuasive information memorandum;
  • performing a value analysis that can offer support in the negotiations;
  • drafting an offer letter with acquisition advice;
  • guidance during negotiations;
  • coordinating or performing an audit (due diligence);
  • supporting your lawyers in drafting the transaction documents;
  • taking care of project management during the entire transaction. This gives you the space to take some distance from the deal and focus on steering your organisation and realising the prognoses.