Now business cooperation between China and the Netherlands is at the Golden Age.

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan stresses the development objectives in areas like high-tech, agriculture, clean and efficient energy and transport which all dovetail with what the Netherlands’ leading economic sectors have to offer.

Cross country businesses between China and the Netherlands are becoming common. However, there are different legal frameworks and vastly different business cultures between the two nations. To overcome the challenges brought about by the differences and to avoid adverse effects on business success, we have to fully understand and observe these differences and practices. This is where the China desk from Grant Thornton can support you.

Head of Dutch China desk Jin Chen +31 88 676 9332
Partner Jacob Mook +31 (0) 88 676 9111

Cooperation with Grant Thornton in China

Our China desk has been formed by Grant Thornton in the Netherlands in cooperation with our member firm in China. With our rich industry knowledge, experience in tax, auditing, advisory and legal services we offer a solid professional expertise. And through our dedicated team of bilingual and trilingual specialists and global Grant Thornton network we can guarantee optimal client relations on-site to Chinese companies and individuals who look to expand into the Netherlands and Dutch companies that look for investment opportunities in China. We help to navigate the challenges faced when operating in the Netherlands or China and therefore help you succeed.

How we make a difference 

Professional expertise

We offer a broad range of services including accounting, tax, auditing, advisory and legal services. Our team comprises Dutch Certified Public Accountant (CPAs) and Dutch tax advisors. All of our tax advisors are members of the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers. We are familiar with the Dutch accounting standards, the Chinese accounting standard CAS, the international accounting standard IAS/IFRS and the American accounting standard US GAAP. We are experienced in conversion between Dutch accounting standards and Chinese accounting standards. We also have extensive outbound investment experience in assisting Chinese clients to enter the Dutch market.

Multi-lingual teams

Our team consists of native Chinese speaking, native Dutch speaking and native English speaking professionals. We have solid professional knowledge and excellent cultural understanding to support both Chinese and Dutch companies in the language of their choice.

International network

Grant Thornton in the Netherlands is a member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL), one of the world's largest networks of independent accounting and consulting firms. Our China desk works closely with Grant Thornton in China and is part of the China European Business Group (CEBG) - an European Grant Thornton initiative to support Chinese companies considering investment in Europe or European companies looking to enter the Chinese marketplace.