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Entrepreneurs can apply for the TVL Q3 2021 from 31 August 2021 until 26 October 26 17:00. The TVL Q3 2021 remains practically the same as the TVL Q2 2021. Entrepreneurs can apply for a minimum turnover loss of 30% and at least € 1.500 calculated fixed costs per quarter (no actual fixed costs). The minimum subsidy amount is €1.500. The RVO reimburses 100% of the calculated fixed costs in the 3rd quarter.

SMEs can receive a maximum of € 550.000 for the 3rd quarter. Not SMEs can receive a maximum of € 600,000 for the 3rd quarter. This adjustment is the only difference from Q2. In Q2 this was the maximum subsidy 1.2 million for not SMEs.

Starting entrepreneurs who are registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce before 30 June 2020 can also apply for TVL Q3.

For the agricultural and horticultural sector, the storage for special costs for keeping animals and crops alive remains. This 21% surcharge comes on top of the TVL subsidy, with a total maximum of €225.000 for the entire corona period.

Tip: For the TVL Q3 2021, it is possible to choose Q3 2020 as the reference quarter, instead of Q3 2019.

SME or large company

For the TVL Q3 2021 it is important to know whether you are an SME or a large company. For example, when you a large company and you belong to a group of affiliated companies, then only one request per group is possible.

For the application for the TVL Q3 2021, you must determine the following:

Step 1: Determine whether you are an SME or a large company.

You can use the SME test to check whether you are an SME or a large company. This concerns all partner companies and associated companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Your business is a large company or group of affiliated companies if it has:

  • over 250 full-time employees; or
  • a net turnover of over 50 million euros and a total balance of over 43 million euros.

A large company or a group of affiliated companies can only apply once for the TVL Q3 2021. The company most representative of the group should make the application.

Step 2: Determine if you belong to a group

A group of affiliated companies is a number of Dutch and/or foreign companies linked in such a way that they together form a group or concern. For example, a company owns more than 50% of the shares in another company.

If you qualify as a large company and also belong to a group, this means that you can submit one application per group.

Step 3: The application

There are 4 options for the application

  1. You are an SME and does not belong to a group: You only need the details of the SME you are applying for.
  2. You are an SME and does belong to a group: With your application you also need details of all companies that are part of the group at the time of application. For example, the Chamber of Commerce number. You do not need to take the group into account when determining the decrease in turnover..
  3. You are a large company and do not belong to a group: You only need the details of the large company you are applying for.
  4. You are a large company and you belong to a group: You can submit one application on behalf of the entire group. In addition, you need the details of all companies that are part of the group.

Does an SME turn out to be a large company after an application? Then you must withdraw your application and submit a new one. If the submission period has closed, the RVO will reject your application. You will then be given the opportunity to submit a new application in the correct category (large company or SME). If this happens, the RVO will contact you to discuss what this means for you and what options are available.

Extra conditions

In some situations you need a third-party statement or an accountant's product with your application.

Third party statement: for an application of € 25,000 or more and registered between March 16 and June 30, 2020 Extra conditions

If your company is registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce between 16 March 2020 and 30 June 2020 and you apply for a subsidy of € 25,000 or more, a third party statement is required. With an application of € 125,000 or more, you also need an accountants product (in addition to the third-party statement) for the application and for the determination.

Accountant product: with an application of € 125.000 or higher

Are you submitting an application for € 125,000 or higher? In that case, you must submit an accountants product with the application and the determination.

Not sure whether you are entitled to TVL?

The table below provides an up-to-date overview of all conditions and differences. Based on this table, you can determine which conditions must be met when applying for TVL.


If you have any questions about the TVL or other measures that the Dutch government has taken for entrepreneurs in the context of the corona crisis? Please contact us.