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Grant Thornton co-hosted the 2019 Dutch Confucian Entrepreneur Forum

CFOs and CEOs of mid-sized companies from Shandong province of China attended the latest Dutch Confucian Entrepreneur Forum - Inauguration Ceremony of 1st council of Dutch Shandong Chamber of Commerce. The main topic of this forum was about investment opportunities for Shandong companies in the Netherlands. Read more in this article about some of the highlights of event. The aim of the event is to actively promote bilateral trade relationships between the Netherlands and Shandong Province.

On 26 October 2019, Grant Thornton Netherlands co-hosted the Dutch Confucian Entrepreneur Forum - Inauguration Ceremony of 1st council of Dutch Shandong Chamber of Commerce at its Amsterdam office. A trade delegation led by the Vice President of the China Shandong Federation of Industry Mr. Yunping Zhou attended the event and provided a detailed introduction of Shandong Province.

On 30 August 2019, the costal Shandong province officially became one of the FTZs as part of the Pilot Program to Promote Trade and Reforms in China. It is one of the economic powers in China that connects the vast inland China and the west Pacific. It is also the starting point of the new Eurasian Land Bridge and a strategic location along the route of the ‘One Belt One Road Initiative.’ Moreover, it is the birth place of one of the most important philosophy schools of Chinese civilization, the Qi-Lu school. Ancient scholars such as Confucius, Mencius, Sun Tzu and many well - respected scientist, politicians, writers, physicians were of Shandong origin. With a population of over 100 million, Shandong shows huge market potential. Confucian Merchants’ qualities such as honesty, openness, reliability and pragmatism characterize Shandong entrepreneurship.

Mr. Marcel Welsink, CEO of Grant Thornton the Netherlands, gave a welcome speech and Jin Chen, Head of the Dutch China desk, gave a presentation on Dutch investment environment including the latest tax incentives and an introduction of Grant Thornton Dutch China desk. The audience finds it particularly interesting that the Netherlands is equipped with world-class infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, welcoming business environment to foreign investors. Attendees are impressed with Grant Thornton China desk’s rich experience and capability to bridge the language and cultural gaps when serving Chinese clients. Mr. Zengbin Ji, President of the Dutch Chinse Community Association gave a congratulation speech. Mrs. Wenjia Chang, the Chairwoman of the Dutch Shandong Chamber of Commerce gave a general overview of investing in the Netherlands and highlights on the human resources aspects for Chinese investors. Mrs. Anna Elferink as project manager of Invest Utrecht gave an introduction of investing in Utrecht.

Other Grant Thornton partners namely Mr. Jurgen van Hattum, Robbert Vos and Charles Marais also actively interacted with the attendees during the networking session. Grant Thornton is honored to have this opportunity to co-host the event. It aims to make a positive contribute to the Dutch - Shandong bilateral investment cooperation.

Other attendees include companies in the food, logistics, real estate, lighting, oil and gas, biotechnology industries as well as commerce associations of local Shandong provinces, non-governmental organizations, research institute and business development agencies from the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to assisting Shandong enterprises with their investments in the Netherlands. Or do you have plans to invest in China? Please contact our Dutch China desk advisors .