An organisation is only as good as its data

But what if sensitive information is stolen, is no longer reliable, or is not available? Can you continue without access to your systems? Do not ask yourself the question whether you are protected against cyber crime, but rather how effective the measures you have taken are, whether you are protecting the right data to ensure the continuity of your business, and how you will react to a cyber incident.

How safe are your IT systems and data?

Has your organisation taken the right measures to ensure intruders are kept out and the availability of your systems and data are guaranteed? There’s a well-known saying: ‘Protecting everything is protecting nothing’. It is almost impossible to protect all of your systems from hackers. So why not focus on the small amount of data for which protection is absolutely essential? We give you an insight into your risks and we check whether the measures taken sufficiently cover your risks, so that you can make the investment that provides maximum risk mitigation.

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Assessment of the 5 most common cyber risks

Grant Thornton has identified five essential risk areas when it comes to cyber security. These so-called cyber security essentials are the most common risk areas in organisations:

  • awareness of security among employees;
  • internal network;
  • wireless network;
  • endpoint devices, such as laptops and mobile phones;
  • infrastructure that can be reached externally; any systems that are available using the internet.

We can help chart these risk areas and test the security of your organisation against your chosen risk areas, using a cyber security assessment.

Our specialist will provide an overview of your weaknesses and will help to improve general security awareness among your employees, through penetration test, simulated phishing attacks and awareness campaigns, among other things. This allows us to help you get your cyber security to the desired level.

Specific situations require specific attention

Sometimes the request for a cyber security survey is very specific and a bespoke solution is needed. Our cyber security specialists are experienced in offering solutions for specific situations. Please contact us to make an appointment to discuss your requirements.

Grant Thornton can help you with:

  • identifying potential risk areas in your cyber security;
  • advising on cyber security measures, tailored to your risks;
  • executing various cyber security tests, such as penetration tests;
  • testing your current cyber security measures;
  • improving security awareness within your organisation;
  • incident response and crisis management in the event of a data leak, cyber attack, fraud, hack and more;
  • looking after your interests in claims brought by you or against you;
  • assessment of the privacy risks in the processing of personal data.