My application expenses are increasing every year. How do I turn this around?

How do I pick the applications that are the best for the whole of our organisation? We are working on four projects at the same time, how can I prioritise? My most important application is going ‘out of support’. What to do? How do I align my business processes with my strategic goals?  All these questions are relevant for organisations to be able to make major improvements in IT. We know how to get well-substantiated answers and can help make a pragmatic plan.

Pinpointing the strategically critical processes

First we enter into a dialogue with you and create an overview. This ensures that you know where your organisation stands, from an IT point of view. By looking at the strategic goals, we advise your organisation where it can best engage money and resources for IT automation. With that overview, those strategically critical processes and applications which require priority are highlighted. That is where we start. This gives the transformation a well-founded ‘head and tail’.

Planning – resources – budget

Now we have identified the right transformation projects that add maximum value for your organisation, we draft a pragmatic ‘Target Application Roadmap’. This establishes the long-term project agenda and determines planning, required resources and budgets. You will know what the costs are going to be. How much the return will be and what benefits are delivered, and when. Nice and clear.

A client described our contribution as follows:

“You offer an answer to the ‘how’ question: how do you get to where you want to be? Due to mergers and acquisitions our company is formed by various organisations. Our application landscape is therefore fragmented, with only limited integration between applications.

We knew we had to do better and had various projects working on cleaning up the application landscape. Without the desired effect. It was only when we came into contact with Grant Thornton that we realised that we had insufficient insight to enable us to take the right decisions.

Now we know which applications are essential and where we need to invest and allocate our resources. We wanted a leaner application landscape, that was fit for purpose and is fully integrated. We are now following a project roadmap to get us there.”

Boy Wiese, Senior manager Finance & IT optimisation

What are the advantages?

  • You know where to best deploy your money and resources.
  • Your IT strategy optimally supports your strategic goals.
  • You choose the best application for your company, from a legacy of different applications.
  • You ultimately save time and cost. Substantially.
  • You have a clear, pragmatic roadmap which your organisation can use straight away.
  • You know what it will cost, deliver, and when it will be ready.

Do you have a question about Business IT transformation?

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