How do I ensure our ERP solution makes my people happy?

What do I need to consider when I choose new software? How does that align with my ERP software? How do I automate a thorough know-your-customer process?

What is the best way of automatically filing VAT returns and how do I automate my ‘purchase to pay’ process? How do I prevent our ERP software from becoming cumbersome for my people with unworkable output? Important questions, because with the right answers, it will be great to work with. Just imagine!

IT is there to help you

We ensure that the new IT solution brings the change that you want, with the impact that you envision. First we listen to you and your people’s story to derive your needs and we dive into your current processes. Once we’ve charted that, the question is; how are we going to optimise your business processes? We know all about IT solutions and can advise which solutions are suitable for your situation. You make a substantiated decision and we are able to help with the actual implementation. As a project team, we take the necessary extra steps to get the job done, together with your people. Training, testing, and it works!

ERP software: major project!

Choosing and implementing new ERP software is a large and complicated journey. One we always approach in a structured manner. Together we draft an ERP strategy and select the right ERP software for your organisation. Afterwards, we implement the new ERP software. Or you decide to optimise your current ERP software. We can provide end-to-end support for the execution of such a large IT project. This means you can quickly get back to your business.

A client described our contribution as follows:

“We used to work with an outdated financial system that was no longer supported. And most of our administrative operations were done manually! Now we have fully integrated our operations with our administration and we are ready for the future! You listened and showed us the possibilities. Then a proposal followed for the phased renewal of our IT landscape and training of our people. That was exactly what we needed.”

Boy Wiese, Senior manager Finance & IT optimisation

What are the advantages?

  • Your simple processes will be automated going forward.
  • You will get an ERP package that does what you want it to.
  • Your people will no longer complain about ‘the system’!
  • The ERP software will deliver the reports that you need.
  • A smooth system saves you time.
  • You will still have time for your day-to-day work during the entire process.

Do you have questions about ERP systems or other automation issues?

Boy Wiese will gladly tell you more. All you have to do is call him.

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