Reliable information is essential. The same is true of the processes that generate the necessary data, processes that are often complex.

Assurance is a way to ensure the reliability of your information and the way in which it was produced. The focus on assurance has intensified dramatically all over the world. Every day, national and multinational organisations are experiencing the need for transparent and credible accountability.

The annual accounts are the very essence of entrepreneurial accountability. Various stakeholders – shareholders, private and institutional investors, the tax administration, interest groups throughout society – are all watching critically. They expect a high degree of transparency, foundation and verifiability. The audit performed by independent experts from Grant Thornton ensures compliance with all applicable regulations. We also ensure that the risks and the consequences they have for the annual accounts reflect the corporate strategy and objectives.

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Grant Thornton is part of one of the biggest international accountancy organisations. Thanks to this world-wide network, our experts have access to excellent, internationally oriented expertise and professional tools. Grant Thornton has obtained the required WTA licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).