And how do I prove this?

You do not want to be worried about the correctness of your VAT returns in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. How do you make sure that your VAT-administration is in order and that you did not pay too little VAT or miss opportunities? In addition to this, the importance of having the right data within your VAT-administration is increasing. For example, more and more countries are introducing obligations to provide additional information for every transaction conducted. We expect the Netherlands to follow this trend soon. What does this mean for your organization and how do you avoid fines, additional taxes, or on the other hand, overpaying VAT?

A quick and efficient check can help

Our VAT-checker checks your VAT-data in 25 categories. From the application of the correct VAT-rate to the computation of the proportional deduction in case of a VAT exemption. From checking sequential invoice series to the deduction of VAT on personnel costs. Our VAT-checker detects all categories based on your ERP date. The outcome from the analysis and the extensive report that can be accessed via our secured portal provides insight into the VAT position of your organization and shows you where possible improvements within the process might be. Naturally, our VAT-specialists will discuss the outcomes with you to take possible follow-up steps. In this way, your organization can enhance the quality of the VAT data for your internal organization, your stakeholders, and the tax authorities.

An example of the VAT-checker as a cash hunter

The use of our VAT-checker regularly shows that the structure of the VAT administration within organizations could be improved. The good news is that the VAT-checker also regularly uncovered a significant amount for which VAT had not yet been reclaimed. For example, in connection with irrecoverable or doubtful debts, because it was thought that the VAT could not be reclaimed in these situations. Organizations also tend to overlook such possibilities for VAT refunds.

Why use the VAT-checker?

  • Quick insights into your VAT-position in a cost-effective manner.
  • Minimalize your VAT-risks.
  • Possible defects in your current processes and VAT administration become transparent.
  • You can show your stakeholders that you are ‘in control’ of your VAT administration.

What are the benefits of the Grant Thornton VAT-checker?

  • Complete data analysis for the VAT with the help of Grant Thornton Sonar.
  • A professional, external, and independent view of the design of your ERP system regarding the VAT.
  • Flexible digital reporting.
  • A clear and fixed price, no surcharge based on savings for example.
  • Very easily integrated into a tax control framework.
Menno van Werkhoven
Head of tax technology
Menno van Werkhoven
Menno van Werkhoven
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Menno van Werkhoven
Head of tax technology
Menno van Werkhoven