The global tax environment is changing at a fast pace. There are more uncertainties rising for multinationals and a fragmentation of local tax and transfer pricing rules.

Countries have different interpretation of the arm’s length principle, creating uncertainty and often resulting in double taxation. In that case, applying for an Advance Pricing Arrangement (‘APA’) might be a great idea during this global pandemic.

What are the (dis)advantages of an advance pricing agreement (APA ruling) for multinationals?

An APA intends to take away uncertainty and aims to prevent transfer pricing disputes from arising. How? Through determining criteria for applying the arm’s length principle (‘ALP’) to intercompany cross border transactions in advance to reflect the application of the ALP.

How to apply for a ruling with the Dutch tax authorities?

Because of the highly experienced and unique APA practice in the Netherlands, many multinationals choose to establish their European HQ through the Netherlands, as their business gateway to Europe.

How to apply for a ruling with the Chinese tax authorities?

Last but not least, our Grant Thornton China transfer pricing and tax advisory team will provide guidance regarding the current Chinese ruling practice for multinationals investing in China.

Jin Chen Head of Dutch China Desk and Director Transfer Pricing at Grant Thornton Netherlands


09:00 hour
Welcome:purpose of the webinar
Jin Chen, Head of Dutch China Desk and Director Transfer Pricing at Grant Thornton Netherlands

09:05 hour
Investment climate: The Netherlands as gateway to Europe
by Roland Brouwer,
Director China at The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

09:25 hour
Update global and European tax environment
by Hans van den Hurk, Professor International Tax at Maastricht University

09:45 hour
The Dutch ruling practice: what are the benefits for multinationals
Jeroen Zegeling, Liaison potential foreign investors of the ruling team at the Dutch Tax Authorities

10:45 hour
How to apply a ruling in The Netherlands and China?
by Jin Chenand Richard Bao, Senior Tax Partner atGrant Thornton China

11:30 hour
by Jacob Mook, Head of Tax at Grant Thornton Netherlands

11:40 hour

12:00 hour
Closing and next steps

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