The importance for VAT for identifying your customers or sellers
VAT The importance for VAT for identifying your customers or sellers
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that it is important to identify your sellers or customers, so you can identify if you are entitled to either a VAT deduction on your purchases, or a VAT exemption on your sales. Furthermore, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that a seller is required to identify its customers, to be able to apply a reverse charge on its sales.
Aiki Kuldkepp
| 4 min read |
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global minimum corporate tax Pillar Two updates
In this blog you will be informed about the latest news on the implementation of a global minimum corporate tax, also known as Pillar Two.
31 min read |
Decree about interpretation of term ‘employer’ in tax treaties
Tax treaties Decree about interpretation of term ‘employer’ in tax treaties
Does your organization operate internationally? If so, the recent decree from December 21st 2023 on the taxation in cross-border employment and the interpretation of 'employer' in tax treaties may also have a major impact on you.
Dooitze Dijkstra
| 3 min read |
Milieu-investeringsaftrek bespaart milieu én belasting
MIA The Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA)
The Environmental Investment Allowance is an interesting fiscal scheme, that allows you to invest in environmentally friendly business assets, while benefiting from tax advantages.
Commercial buildings more sustainable in 2024?
Real Estate & Construction Commercial buildings more sustainable in 2024?
We have compiled the most relevant assets for buildings to assist you in making informed decisions. This article focuses on two fiscal schemes: the EIA and MIA.
Henk Troost
| 3 min read |
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29 Mar 2024

Tjeerd Krumpelman strengthens Grant Thornton's sustainability practice as partner

Grant Thornton Netherlands strengthens its sustainability practice with the arrival of Tjeerd Krumpelman.

22 Feb 2024

Grant Thornton appoints 9 new partners

Grant Thornton appoints Dooitze Dijkstra, Cees Man, Slavisa Milojevic, Marc Tersteeg, Bajro Umisic, Arjan Visser and Diksha Basant as partner.

20 Feb 2024

Grant Thornton obtains ISAE 3402 statement for the third time

Grant Thornton has obtained the ISAE 3402 statement for its financial administrative services for the third time.