Do you have an ambitious international company? And do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Then you need to be able to rely on the best international tax structure. Grant Thornton is the partner for providing your company with tax solutions.

How we work

Both multinationals and medium-sized companies can approach our specialists directly. The specialists at Grant Thornton will work together with you to find the perfect tax solution.

In order to reach this solution, you will work together with our Dutch advisers and, where necessary, with our international network. This means you receive the right knowledge at the right time.

Grant Thornton is a member of the international network of Grant Thornton International Ltd. Through this network we offer clients access to the expertise of 56,000 colleagues/specialists in over 140 countries.

Our solutions

Besides solutions in the field of international taxation and compliance, our specialists are also keen to assist you with:

  • corporate tax;
  • direct international taxation;
  • expatriate services;
  • indirect international taxation, such as VAT and customs duties;
  • transfer pricing;
  • private client services;
  • subsidies.

By having the right tax structure in place and continuously adapting to change, your company stays ‘in control’.

Grant Thornton is glad to be your partner in tax matters.

Our Tax

International corporate tax

The Netherlands’ tax regime is highly dynamic. Rules and the administrative courts raise new challenges in fiscal considerations on a nearly daily basis, both nationally and internationally.

VAT advice

VAT is an exceptionally thorny issue, especially in major national and international activities. Filing cross-border returns, registering or making payments requires specialised knowledge. It is crucial to keep that knowledge up-to-date in order to respond to the dynamics of national and international legislation and regulation.


Importing/exporting goods to or from the European Union involves navigating complicated customs formalities. Failure to comply with these requirements usually results in delays. In addition, an excessively high rate of taxation or customs valuation for imports can cost you money.

HR services

Do your employees determine the success and growth of your organisation? And are you in need of specialists which you can ask your Human Resources (HR) related questions? Human Resources (HR) related questions? Our HR specialists will assist you in the areas of personnel and payroll administration, labour law and taxation relating to your personnel. We provide you with high-quality personnel and payroll administration, good HR guidance and the right (international) advice as standard. All this, of course, with a focus on the human dimension.

Innovation & grants

Anyone who runs their own business sets themselves apart from the rest. Anyone who dares stick their neck out distinguishes themselves even more. That can be rather lucrative.

Tax technology

Driven by tax technology, we help you with your (most important) tax risks. Identify and manage your risks and become in control!

Transfer pricing

The increased attention for transfer pricing places greater demands on the internal organisation and on reporting.


The public debate with respect to tax evasion or tax avoidance has significantly inceased in recent years. Banks and regulated services providers may face severe reputational risks when their clients do not act with integrity and adhere to the banks and regulated services providers values when managing tax afairs. Management of tax integrity risks by banking and regulated services providers clients is therefore a key topic for banks and regulated services providers operating in the Netherlands.

Sustainable tax

In this rapidly changing world, it is increasingly important to consider environmental impact (in accordance with ESG), instead of limiting considerations to financial incentives. Multinational companies should review and potentially reconsider their tax strategy due to the constantly evolving social standards

Pillar Two

On 1 January 2024 the European Union will introduce a new tax law named “Pillar Two”. These new regulations will be applicable to groups with a turnover of more than EUR 750 million.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets

In the past decade, the utilization of blockchain and its adoption of a distributed ledger have proven their capacity to revolutionize the financial sector, inspiring numerous initiatives from businesses and entrepreneurs.

Streamlined Global Compliance

Large corporations with a presence in multiple jurisdictions face a number of compliance challenges. Not least of these are the varied and complex reporting and compliance requirements imposed by different countries. To overcome these challenges, Grant Thornton provides a solution to streamline the global compliance process by centralizing the delivery approach.