Our advisers see that entrepreneurs often have trouble getting to grips with management information. Complex information comes at them from all sides. Placing this information costs a lot of time. But it is important for you to know exactly how your company is doing. It is therefore good to start by documenting your critical performance indicators (KPIs). By measuring these indicators and comparing these with your targets, you will quickly see how your company is doing financially.

How can a dashboard provide me with financial insights?

Dashboards provide a visualised insight into the most important developments in your company. By connecting these dashboards with your (online) financial administration, you quickly have overviews available once your financial administration is up to date. And you can easily digitally share these dashboards with others. Shareholders and financiers, for example.

Grant Thornton can help you with:

  • Determining and documenting your KPIs;
  • Connecting dashboards to your financial administration;
  • Structuring dashboards in relation to your KPIs.

Would you like to get more from your financial administration?

Please contact one of our advisers for more information about setting up a financial dashboard.