Building sustainability and social impact. That sounds good. But how do you go about it in the complex world of stakeholders, regulations and frameworks and changing demands from clients and society? How do you deal with important issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss?

At Impact House you will find all the expertise under one roof: from strategists to researchers, from climate and biodiversity to social inclusion. We have over 20 years of experience working with businesses, civil society organizations, investors and governments.  

We are happy to help you improve your impact. One step at a time.




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Determine a Strategy

A clear ambition and sharp, strategic choices provide focus. Our analyses help you define the themes where your organization can best make a difference. Together we outline scenarios, create insight and set a strategic agenda with clear objectives and enabling your organization.

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Measuring and Reporting

How can you make your goals measurable? What data strategies will help you, and how do you report meaningfully on social issues and topics such as climate, environment and biodiversity? We help organizations measure their sustainability performance and impact. We bring valuable insights to the surface so you can make good decisions and communicate about them.

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Educate and Drive

Steering for sustainability performance and impact? This requires clear process agreements and systems that guarantee this. We help you set up governance in such a way that tasks and responsibilities are clear at all levels. Do you want to  delve deeper into sustainability and impact? With our Impact Campus training courses, you get the right knowledge and skills within your organization.

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Scenario Analysis for Biodiversity and Climate Risks

Make a positive contribution to nature and climate based on the facts. We help you incorporate biodiversity and climate risks into your strategies and business models. Let nature work with and for you. Together, we create the insights you need.


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Strategy and baseline measurement

By 2025, VodafoneZiggo wants to have helped two million people improve their social situation and to halve its ecological footprint. To this end, the telecom provider asked us to determine a baseline measurement, supervise the implementation of a CSR strategy and set up a measurement framework.



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The impact of meeting

Meeting a refugee is the best way to break down prejudices. The project Bekend maakt Bemind (‘Being Known becomes Being Loved’) makes this possible. The Dutch Council for Refugees asked us to work out the best impact strategy for the right target groups so that this project can have as much impact as possible.

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Making results clearly visible

The Limburg Energy Fund (LEF) has a commitment to finance promising projects that would stimulate energy conservation, sustainable energy generation, the circular economy, and the remediation of asbestos. After six years of financing projects, Impact House has created a presentation of the inspiring results.



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Impact of investing

Hivos Impact Investments invests in early stage SME’s primarily in Southern Africa with innovative solutions in the food and lifestyle sector. Impact House supports HII by monitoring the way their investments contribute to their impact-goals, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the spotlight

The impact of climate change on Bonaire

Small islands are very vulnerable to climate change. Impact House conducted an analysis assessing the impacts of climate change on the island of Bonaire. The research comprised four sub-studies: an estimation of the biophysical impacts, modeling the economic effects, the identification of socio-cultural effects, and an exploration of potential adaptation options.