Which documents are needed for establishing a company? What does a solid structure look like for your business? Is it better to merge or liquidate the company in my Group? Good questions! We help entrepreneurs formulate the answers to these, and many other legal questions every day.

This is what we do

Corporate law is truly ‘our thing’: we love working with clients in all areas of corporate law. Ad-hoc contract work, helping you to formulate and implement your legal structure, a large share transaction or complicated sales agreement: we will take care of it for you, correctly, and with creative solutions. This makes things run smoothly from a legal point of view. We are also the right partner for your international matters. And if your situation requires it, we’ll enlist the help of colleagues with other areas of expertise – tax lawyers, our cyber security colleagues or impact consultants, for example.

How? Good, transparent, to the point

Sooner or later, every entrepreneur faces legal questions. We make sure that you do not have to worry about these questions. From the foundation to the potential sale of your business: your company will get our team’s best legal specialist. Someone who is on your wavelength. This enables us to quickly pinpoint opportunities and possibilities for you. Problems are dealt with in a pro-active and pragmatic manner. We take care of things well and clearly, in easy-to-understand language and in a relatable manner. We have short lines of communication with director-owners, the CFO or in-house counsel, among others. Often we work together for many years. Your external ‘in-house’ legal team is ready for you whenever you need us. That’s how we work.

What are the benefits?

  • Security. Your legal matters are dealt with on time and are well-organised.
  • A good legal structure for your organisation.
  • Correct, up-to-date legal documents.
  • A quick answer to all your questions: broad consultancy, nationally and internationally.
  • Insight into the legal risks your company faces.
  • …… a telephone number that you can always call for your next legal question!