And do you know how to identify and manage these risks? Do you have enough time to focus on the tax issues that matter?

Your tax compliance challenges...

The fiscal world is, and will continue to be, subject to change. New and changing legislation creates major compliance challenges for CFOs and Tax Directors. In addition, the obligation to report on various fiscal matters to the tax authorities, supervisors and other stakeholders is also increasing. On the one hand, it is important to have your internal tax processes in order and to execute them efficiently. On the other hand, it is essential for you to know where tax risks lie and how to manage them. The use of tax technology helps you to achieve these goals.

... our tax technology solutions

We believe that the use of tax technology should be accessible to any company - small, medium or large. That is why we focus on offering advice and technology appropriate to your business, which will scale with your needs and the growth of your business. We develop our tax technology solutions in-house or work closely with our development partners to always be able to offer the right solution at the right price.

Our tax technology team combines professionals with different backgrounds and specialisms, both inside and outside the tax field. From data analysis to VAT, from payroll tax to risk management, from tax reporting to process management, we can provide you with the necessary expertise.

Driven by technology, we help you with it:

  • mapping out your business processes and the possible tax risks;
  • setting up your tax processes en manage your tax risks using the Tax control framework;
  • main insight into your VAT processes and their (re)design;
  • gaining insight into your implementation of the tax aspects of the Dutch labour law and its possibilities;
  • complying with fiscal obligations like the Mandatory Disclosure Rules (MDR) / DAC6 and Country-by-Country Reporting.
  • optimising your tax accounting process;
  • optimising your tax work processes.

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Our Tax technology


On 1 January 2020, the Dutch implementation of the second EU directive against tax avoidance ("ATAD2") entered into force for tax years starting on or after that date. The reverse hybrid rule took effect on 1 January 2022.

Tax control framework

How do I identify these risks? And how do I manage them? New and rapidly changing legislation come with big compliance challenges for CFOs and tax departments. In addition, reporting obligations towards the tax authorities, supervisors and other stakeholders are also increasing. Therefore, it is important to identify and manage your tax risks.


You do not want to be worried about the correctness of your VAT returns in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. How do you make sure that your VAT-administration is in order and that you did not pay too little VAT or miss opportunities? In addition to this, the importance of having the right data within your VAT-administration is increasing. For example, more and more countries are introducing obligations to provide additional information for every transaction conducted. We expect the Netherlands to follow this trend soon. What does this mean for your organization and how do you avoid fines, additional taxes, or on the other hand, overpaying VAT?

Work related costs scheme checker

As an employer you are obliged to apply Expense Allowance Scheme. To prevent additional taxes, you want the EAS to be applied correctly. This is not always the case. As a result, (internal) stakeholders could receive wrong management information. Not making use of the EAS optimally is a missed opportunity!