As an entrepreneur you want to innovate in order to achieve your growth ambitions. You are looking for opportunities to achieve your growth objectives. A subsidy application offers you fiscal opportunities. When innovating, there’s a good chance you’ll claim based on the subsidy regulations. But how do you ensure you are eligible for subsidy?

Providers of subsidies and issuers of financial benefits are mainly interested in risky projects. There are all sorts of subsidies and schemes that invite you to take risks, in for example hiring employees, research & development, investments and in building partnerships.

Grant Thornton’s subsidy advisers help you find the right means for innovating, with the least amount of risk.

Tax provisions

Have you ever considered changing your tax provisions? Our advisers have extensive experience with the:

  • Innovation box;
  • WBSO (Dutch subsidy arrangement for research and development);
  • Environmental investment allowance (MIA);
  • Energy investment allowance (EIA).

Types of financing

Would you like to prepare for your financing to be as favourable as possible as an entrepreneur? Read more about the possibilities for financing.

Grant Thornton can help you with:

  • describing your strategic plans;
  • finding and getting subsidy;
  • evaluation of, and assistance with, your application for finance;
  • the administrative registration and execution of subsidies and financial compensation received.

Our Innovation & grants services

WBSO subsidy

Do you want to innovate and are you looking for financing? The Dutch subsidy WBSO partly compensates the costs of innovation.