What are my duties as an employer with regard to an employee on long-term sick leave? Reorganisation layoffs, how do I deal with those? Which employment terms are applicable to my people in Belgium? How do I make use of employee participation for the growth of my business? Our employment lawyers answer this, and many other questions, every day. That’s what we are good at.

What we do

We think and work along with entrepreneurs in all aspects of employment law. From contract work, advice on employment conditions to supporting you in larger employment law issues. We function as your legal team, as a mirror and as a sparring partner. And, where necessary, we will litigate for you. We take care of your employment law matters so that you can concentrate on what you are good at: running your business.

How? Good, transparent, and with a human touch

People are the driver of every company. They are important – of utmost importance in fact. Therefore, all your employment law issues should be handled well, in easy-to-understand language and in a transparent way. That is how we do it. We identify opportunities and possibilities for you. We tackle problems in a pro-active and pragmatic manner. We have short lines of communication with director/owners, HR managers and in-house counsel. Often for the longer term. You get an external ‘in-house’ legal team: whenever you need it.

What are the benefits?

  • Peace of mind: you can be certain that your employee dossiers are sound from a legal point of view and that everything is arranged well for, for example, your foreign employees.
  • Answers: You know how to use employee participation for business growth and know the legal matters you need to take care of for your employee on long-term sick leave.
  • Knowledge: You are able to use relevant and correct agreements and take care of a reorganisation following proper legal procedure.
  • And… you get a telephone number which you can call at any time for your next legal question.

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