Customers of different sizes in different industries

The customer package at Grant Thornton varies from (large) SME customers to (small) corporate customers. From local customers to customers from the international network of Grant Thornton International Ltd. We work for many different industries. Think of construction and real estate, wholesale, ICT or the manufacturing industry. You will recognize all this diversity in customers in your customer package.

Variety in work and contacts

You can change your activities and the location where you work for each customer. In order to be able to answer the different customer questions, you work together in teams with colleagues from different disciplines. You have a lot of contact with colleagues in the Netherlands and with colleagues from Grant Thornton International Ltd.

Your customer package

When putting together your customer package, we will take your preference into account. Depending on your experience, interests and availability, we will put together a customer package in which your work will remain varied and you will gain experience with customers of different sizes and working in different industries. This way we give you the space to gain experience, learn and grow.

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