The Netherlands is a real trading country, due to its location, infrastructure and the highly-educated population. The port of Rotterdam, the biggest port in Europe, makes the Netherlands the gateway to the rest of Europe, with its millions of consumers. The Dutch Maritime cluster is active on all continents. And the entire transport & logistics sector is growing.

As a financial director you want to have a good grip on your operational management. On your personnel’s time spend, for example, but also on strategic issues such as the decision where to locate branches. Do you sometimes wonder which logistical streams can be improved or where you can save money? Why not have your company reviewed by an expert to discover where your opportunities for growth and savings lie.

Current themes that we can help with:

  • Brexit;
  • CO2 reporting;
  • Cyber security;
  • Developments in (inter)national regulations.

The right things, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities, at acceptable costs, that’s what it is all about in transport and logistics. To achieve this, companies seek a balance between cost minimalisation and low use of capital, and customer service maximalisation – two aims that are quite incompatible. Brexit can lead to you not meeting these goals. Furthermore, increased (international) regulations mean that you must have a better grip on your processes, throughout the chain.

Also, data-, privacy- and cyber risks are the order of the day. Quickly changing risks that you must be prepared for if they go wrong. Do you know the value of your data and how you can manage the threat of a cyber incident? Read more about this in our report.

We look forward to helping you with:

  • making use of available tax opportunities (for example the tonnage tax scheme and subsidies);
  • structuring your financial function and process management;
  • dealing with Customs formalities;
  • ensuring compliance with (international) VAT legislation;
  • charting potential risk areas in your cyber security and advising on measures to be taken;
  • making an inventory of your CO2 footprint and complying with the related requirements, including the potential reporting requirements;
  • maintaining an overview of (financial) laws and regulations if you are active in multiple countries.

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How can you continue to be a global leader? The Netherlands depends on innovation. It is our high-quality knowledge which leads the maritime sector to be of world class.