Enter a world where sustainability is not just a trend, but an essential pillar of successful business. With us, it is more than just legal guidance; it is about building a sustainable future for your business. The focus of our Sustainable Legal practice is "judicial sustainability". But what exactly does that mean?

Our practice focuses on sustainable ESG-related regulation. We work with you to explore how to legally secure sustainable principles within your business. From drafting sustainable contracts, integrating sustainable HR policies and ESG due diligence into our M&A practice, to advising on ESG and other (national and international) legislation: we prefer to be pragmatic and proactive in helping your business.

ESG (Environmental Social Governance)

Companies are increasingly expected to help reduce the negative impact of their operations on the climate, society, and all stakeholders. ESG legislation urges companies to integrate environmentally friendly, healthy, safe, and social elements into their business operations and to run the business in a responsible manner. The main objective of these regulations is to promote sustainable management and to ensure transparency in business operations.

A strong ESG policy demonstrates that companies do not only care about profits, but also about the environment and society. By now, it is clear that implementing strong ESG goals adds value, both by reducing risk and by adding security. Strong ESG performance is valued by investors because it leads to higher yields.

ESG (Environmental Social Governance)Customers also increasingly value sustainability when choosing companies with whom to engage. A solid ESG policy makes a company more attractive as an employer for the next generation of employees, who are highly concerned with sustainability.

A growing focus on sustainability is being demanded from legislators. This major (mostly European) legislation applies in particular to large companies. For instance, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) impose requirements for reporting on non-financial information. We can already see that this legislation is becoming relevant for small(er) companies as well. Think, for instance, of changes in the contracts you conclude with large companies, in which we already regularly encounter ESG-related conditions.

We are ready to help

Our multidisciplinary legal team assists clients from various sectors on various ESG topics and the associated legal framework. By combining legal expertise and business insight, our team helps companies and organisations create value through their ESG strategy, policy and (long-term) sustainability objectives.

Within our practice, we have the knowledge and experience to assist entrepreneurs practically and proactively when it comes to dealing with ESG-related issues.

We help you with:

  • We help you with:

    Advising and informing on legislative developments, such as:

    • ESG-related requirements for entrepreneurs;
    • Sustainable contracting;
    • Current legal developments on CSRD, CSDDD, etc.
  • We help you with:

    Sustainable corporate law, such as:

    • Advising on sustainable governance & compliance;
    • Sustainable (re)structuring: embedding sustainable principles in the organisation;
    • Advising on liability and ESG implementation risks;
    • Sustainable M&A and Due Diligence, including sustainable post DD.
  • We help you with:

    Sustainable employment law, such as:

    • Sustainable terms of employment;
    • Diversity & inclusion;
    • Employability of staff;
    • Working conditions & safety;
    • And setting up the right employee climate.

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