What should I be doing first if my data has been kidnapped? Have I taken the right precautions for protecting my data or am I putting too much effort into just one of the risks? And how do I quickly detect intruders on my network? Good questions! We help you to answer these questions.

Grant Thornton has identified five essential risk areas for a good assessment. We check:

  • our employees’ security awareness;
  • your internal network;
  • your WiFi network;
  • the ‘endpoint devices’, such as your laptops and mobile phones;
  • and the physical infrastructure of your organisation.

Together we chart the risks and test your organisation’s security in the chosen risk areas. Our cyber security assessment is offered in our various services. Furthermore, we can also ensure that your organisation is able to react quickly and effectively if a cyber attack takes place.

Cyber risk services

These are our various cyber risk services

 offers you a pragmatic insight into your data-dependence and the weak points in your information security. A few practical actions and measures can protect your organisation in no time. Plus, you’ll fully meet all the legal requirements. And if it does go wrong: you’ll even have a script ready for when a cyber attack happens.

Have I taken the right precautions to secure my data? To investigate that, our  team will scour through your organisation to find all the security risks. We use our ethical hackers, for example. They conduct a penetration test on your network, so that you know where the weak spots are. Then, together, we ensure that your organisation keeps these risks under control, including a disaster plan and full compliance.

How do I quickly detect intruders on my network? Using  is the short answer! We understand that cyber security is not your core business. That is why we offer it as a service: your network will receive regular monitoring, throughout the year.

Our Cyber risk services

Cyber protection & incident response

Is my organisation sufficiently resilient to cyber attacks? Where are the risks in my IT security? Can we have public WiFi in the office, or is that a bad idea? Legitimate questions when you realise that a cyber attack is likely to happen at some point. You want to be able to continue working and to limit the impact of damage. Effective protection, and a quick, good reaction if you do get hacked, make you well prepared.

Cyber strategy & compliance

Can we continue working if we get cyber attacked? How do I prevent sensitive information about my clients getting out in the open? Which regulations are applicable to me? And how do I prevent reputational damage after a cyber incident? Our experts deliver a standardised approach that gives you insight into your data dependency and security vulnerabilities and a set of tangible actions and measures to protect your organisation and comply with the applicable legislation. This means you can quickly carry on with what is important after a cyber attack: your business!

Managed cyber

Qualified experts that have the capability to do that, are hard to find and expensive. We understand that cyber security is not your core business. As such, we offer Cyber Security as a Service. Our Managed cyber service guarantees your network is monitored. Gone are your worries! You can return to focusing on your core business.