IT audits, subsidy consultancy and business risk services. These are just a few examples of the dozens of areas of expertise we handle.

Grant Thornton’s specialist areas, however, do not operate as isolated ‘islands’. The various disciplines often have certain areas of overlap. For that reason, our experts from the numerous disciplines often work together as part of multidisciplinary teams. In this way, the collective knowledge is complementary and innovative, geared towards service with optimal results.

Our Advisory

Corporate finance

Finding a suitable match at the most optimum terms. That, in a nutshell, aptly describes the objective of mergers and acquisitions. To most businesses mergers or acquisitions are not standard daily practice. It is, however, for the professionals at Grant Thornton! Seeking their services will add value instantly.

Cyber risk services

What should I be doing first if my data has been kidnapped? Have I taken the right precautions for protecting my data or am I putting too much effort into just one of the risks? And how do I quickly detect intruders on my network? Good questions! We help you to answer these questions.

Sustainability & impact services

How can I measure, report and sustainably improve the impact on people and the environment? Our Sustainability & Impact Management specialists assist organisations in setting sustainability goals and impact ambitions and help formulating clear strategies and roadmaps.

Transaction services

What will the net proceeds be after the sale? How do I optimise the selling price of my business or the price of one of my business activities? How do I capitalise on synergies following an acquisition? Am I not offering too much? These are all good questions when you’re buying or selling a business. It’s a transaction that concerns significant amounts, impacts your future, and therefore must be executed properly. We provide a solid foundation for your decisions.

Valuation, investigation & dispute services

Do you require a fact finding investigation to help assess irregularities? Is it necessary to ascertain facts for litigation purposes?

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