You want to take the right decisions, based on trustworthy and clear management information. You want to have access to all your financial data, 24/7, in order to determine your position and be able to adjust where necessary.

Looking ahead, making prognoses and calculating scenarios allows you to improve the realisation of your financial targets. Insight into your financial situation and managing based on cashflow? Online banking, connecting your bank account to your financial administration, and a company dashboard provide immediate insight. Add the budget, liquidity prognosis, and KPIs and you have important information for decision-making.

Important KPIs for decision making are:

  • turnover;
  • gross profit margin per product group;
  • costs;
  • net result;
  • outstanding items (to pay and to receive);
  • and a cashflow overview.

Where do I start when it comes to reporting?

Setting up solid and useful financial reporting requires expertise, vision, and it starts with insight. In our approach, we, together with you, determine the indicators that you wish to measure and that you would like to see in a management report. We then execute a quick scan to determine whether your current management reporting is optimal; are the reports used, are these in line with your financial administration, are there similarities with your budget and the company strategy, do you measure KPIs that you are able to influence yourself, which future prognosis has been calculated, etc?

We provide you with thorough reporting which meets your needs and is adjusted specifically for your company. Your reporting provides you with an insight into the most important risks and growth opportunities for your company.

We can help you with:

  • understanding the information you want to use for decision making, and describing KPIs;
  • executing a quick scan to determine whether your current financial insight is optimal;
  • structuring your financial administration for more insight;
  • connecting your financial administration to our dashboard software;
  • advising on the composition of your own management information.

Our Financial insight

Cashflow forecast

Growth can be financed in many ways. It is sensible to first look at the types of financing available that suit your product or service. And to get a good overview of the various methods of financing and the things you need to take into account. Is it investment you require, for example, or rather working capital? Is external financing required or is your company doing so well that you have excess liquidity? When is your need the greatest, and is this temporary or permanent, or do you work in a sector that knows seasonal patterns?

Financial dashboard

Our advisers see that entrepreneurs often have trouble getting to grips with management information. Complex information comes at them from all sides. Placing this information costs a lot of time. But it is important for you to know exactly how your company is doing. It is therefore good to start by documenting your critical performance indicators (KPIs). By measuring these indicators and comparing these with your targets, you will quickly see how your company is doing financially.


Financing is never a goal. It is a means to bringing your strategic goals closer. And focus is the key. Your business plan describes your strategic goals for the long term and the reasoning as to why these are your goals.