As an entrepreneur within the EU, you will come into contact with EU VAT legislation. Cross-border transactions, registration or offsetting require specialist knowledge. Knowledge which is needed to optimise your VAT situation based on the dynamics of the (inter)national rules and regulations. Besides the EU VAT legislation, each country has its own specific regulations. Grant Thornton’s VAT specialists will gladly advise you.

Optimal coordination of VAT

Our VAT team works on turnover taxes full time and is part of an international network of VAT experts. Besides filling in and assessing VAT registrations and returns, we also act as a tax representative. We can also help you to apply for licences, or in objections or appeals procedures. Providing specific VAT training for your employees is also a possibility.

International network

Grant Thornton International’s extensive international network guarantees an optimal coordination between the different national fiscal regulations.

Grant Thornton can assist with:

  • (international) VAT advice;
  • support during audits, objections or appeals procedures;
  • preparing and filing the VAT, ICL and CBS returns within the EU (iVAT);
  • filing EU VAT registrations;
  • filing requests for refund in the Netherlands for foreign entrepreneurs;
  • filing requests for refund abroad for Dutch entrepreneurs;
  • performing VAT quick scans;
  • acting as general fiscal representative;
  • requesting licences;
  • taking care of inter-company VAT training;
  • automating your VAT administration.

International indirect tax guide

If you would like more detailed information for your region, our international indirect tax guide provides an overview of tax systems in key countries and how you can get further support from Grant Thornton.

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Robert-Jan Brethouwer
Robert-Jan Brethouwer
With more than 10 years' experience working in indirect tax Robert-Jan enjoys advising businesses on all matters around Dutch and international indirect tax. His work involves providing consulting and advisory services on the more complicated aspects of large and complex businesses. He works across all sectors with extensive experience in the multi-level-marketing, airline and health care sectors. He is delighted to be one of the facilitators in the International Indirect Tax Training program Grant Thornton offers to their junior and mediors and to be part of Grant Thornton International's EMEA indirect tax committee. This role enables him to work with member firms and colleagues across the world, share knowledge and best practice, as well as train and mentor our people.
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Robert-Jan Brethouwer
Robert-Jan Brethouwer

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