Large corporations with a presence in multiple jurisdictions face a number of compliance challenges. Not least of these are the varied and complex reporting and compliance requirements imposed by different countries. To overcome these challenges, Grant Thornton provides a solution to streamline the global compliance process by centralizing the delivery approach.

Global Compliance & Reporting Services (GCRS)

Global Compliance & Reporting Services is a service provided by Grant Thornton that assists large corporations in meeting compliance obligations across multiple jurisdictions by offering a single point of contact that takes responsibility, with local service delivery teams, to ensure all statutory and non-statutory obligations are completed. Together with our local specialists and our centralized coordination teams, we ensure high-quality and efficient delivery of all compliance requirements.

By optimizing the operational compliance framework, we help our clients to significantly reduce risks and costs, while enabling them to utilize their resource capacity. Technology and automation play a significant part in the delivery; specially designed software optimizes workflow management and provides real-time status and dashboarding to uphold control over deadlines.

What drives the benefit?

  • What drives the benefit?

    Reducing your compliance risks 
    Our service offering covers a full suite of compliance services across jurisdictions, including financial statement preparation and related filings, bookkeeping, direct and indirect tax and statistical returns. Our global office network covers 140 countries, and we leverage their expertise where required while providing you with a single point of contact who takes full responsibility of your global compliance, as we understand your need for a seamless and guaranteed compliance solution. 

  • What drives the benefit?

    Streamlining your processes
    We have a strong focus on technology infrastructure, as we believe it is key to unlocking value and insight while also controlling costs. Our goal is to reduce your risks and ensure that you are compliant with the latest regulations and policies, while automating and optimizing your internal processes based on your specific needs. 

  • What drives the benefit?

    Business partnering
    We proactively make sure that our clients understand local and regional market dynamics and compliance requirements. We offer regular updates on the changing legislative and regulatory landscape in different countries around the world. For clients considering moving into a new jurisdiction, we provide compliance “smart cards” which offer concise guidance on reporting requirements.

  • What drives the benefit?

    Generating value 
    Together with our clients, we establish meaningful Performance Indicators (KPIs), and diligently monitor and report on these metrics to stakeholders, allowing us to gauge the value generated effectively. Leveraging the Global Compliance and Reporting Services model enables our client to vividly showcase achievements from both regulatory and business perspectives. 

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