Reliability of information. The way in which reliable information is produced. That is what assurance is all about. It is crucial for information to be reviewed thoroughly and professionally, especially in relation to statements for third parties.

Assurance by Grant Thornton guarantees this approach. This holds true for the audit certificate in the annual accounts of national and multinational corporations, but also related statements such as subsidy statements or circulation statement.

The annual accounts are the very essence of accountability for businesses and organisations. Various stakeholders – shareholders, private and institutional investors, the tax administration, interest groups throughout society – are all watching critically. They expect a high degree of transparency, foundation and verifiability. The audit performed by independent experts from Grant Thornton ensures compliance with all applicable regulations. We also ensure that the risks and the consequences they present for the company’s annual accounts reflect the corporate strategy and objectives.

Thanks to membership in a large world-wide alliance of offices, Grant Thornton can rely on high-quality international expertise and professional tools. Grant Thornton has the WTA licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Our Audit & assurance services

Auditing of annual accounts

You are answerable to others, such as shareholders and other stakeholders, with regard to your financial affairs. Financial information must therefore be reliable. What is more, you want to know how far you are progressing towards achieving your goals and what risks may apply.

IFRS services

Financial reporting in accordance with IFRS is a complex matter. Nowadays, an increasing number of international companies are becoming aware of the rules. But how do you apply them in practice?

Pre-audit services

Pre-audit services is all about making the company’s entire financial administration ready for checking before the external accountant begins his/her audit of the annual accounts.

SOx law implementation

The SOx legislation dictates that management  is structurally accountable for reporting on the internal control relevant to the financial statements.

Annemarie Jongerden
Partner | Head of Assurance
Annemarie Jongerden