The financing landscape is very dynamic. New non-traditional financiers of outside capital and equity capital are challenging the traditional financiers, both at home and abroad. The short lifespan of products and services, and the fast-paced changes mean that agility and capital are required. We can help you with your request for financing.

Financing is about planning ahead

Financing is never a goal. It is a means to bringing your strategic goals closer. And focus is the key. Your business plan describes your strategic goals for the long term and the reasoning as to why these are your goals. Always stick to the goals in your business plan and do not be seduced to make promises or concessions that are not in line with your long-term strategy. It is therefore good to have support in your search for financing that, in terms of amount and structure, matches the strategic goals and values of your company.

Which information does a lender require?

Besides the latest annual results or the most recent monthly report, lenders often request good results and liquidity prognoses in order to get an insight into your company. We increasingly see that financiers determine whether they will meet your financing request based on the last 15 months in your online financial administration. Other information, such as the goal of your financing, recent sector information, market developments, and your personal situation can also be relevant.

Banks also have increasingly high requirements regarding the way in which your request is submitted. Think, for example, of the developments in the field of Standard Business Reporting (SBR). Grant Thornton’s accountants help to meticulously prepare your request for financing. And, where needed, Grant Thornton’s valuation specialists will support our accountants in company valuations.

We can help you with:

  • assessing your current financing structure;
  • putting forward solutions for your financing need;
  • estimating the feasibility of your financing request;
  • making results and liquidity prognoses (that meet the SBR standard);
  • contacting financiers and/or investors;
  • evaluating offers and advising in a potential follow-on process;
  • the necessary documentation needed to finalise the financing.

Do you have a financing requirement?

Please contact one of our advisers.