Do I have the right cyber precautions in place to safeguard my data?

Is my organisation sufficiently resilient to cyber attacks? Where are the risks in my IT security? Can we have public WiFi in the office, or is that a bad idea? Legitimate questions when you realise that a cyber attack is likely to happen at some point. You want to be able to continue working and to limit the impact of damage. Effective protection, and a quick, good reaction if you do get hacked, make you well prepared.

Insight into cyber risks

The Cyber protection & incident response team identifies the security risks in your organisation and enables your organisation to mitigate these risks and makes sure your organisation has a ready-to-use runbook in case a cyber attack happens. If it does go wrong, your people will know how to deal with it. You have your answer ready!

Hacking for your protection

Our ethical hackers explore where the weak spots are in your organisation. Not only in IT security, but they also check whether there are ways in through human actions – just like real hackers. Are your employees aware of cyber risks? And do they sufficiently prevent them? With the results, we investigate, together with you, what suitable measures would be and we help to implement them. A second test by our hacker then shows whether it is safe. It can be useful to conduct such a hack periodically. Just to be sure.

What do you get out of this?

  • Your company is well-protected against cyber incidents.
  • You save on costs: repair is less cost effective than prevention.
  • You assure that your business continuity is guaranteed.
  • You guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.
  • You reduce the chance of reputational damage.
  • And you are well prepared for cyber incidents. You should be able to sleep well, without nightmares!

Even our government is vulnerable when it comes to cyber attacks. To find the weak spot, I did not even have to get past the security guards. From the parking space outside the building it was easy to intercept the signals of the wireless network that was not well secured. Within a few minutes I could take a look around their systems.

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