I want to grow through acquisitions, but need to investigate which companies best fit my strategy?

How do I finance the intended growth? How do I, as a management team member, negotiate with my boss about acquiring his company? How can I optimise the sale of my company? What should my main focus areas be? Many questions surround an acquisitions, for all the parties involved. Very understandable, as this is not an easy step.

  • Time to weigh things up
  • Selling or acquiring a business
  • Time to weigh things up
    Time to weigh things up
    Not only do we ensure that both parties make well-informed decisions based on unambiguous figures, but also that an acquisition takes place under the right conditions, resulting in a satisfactory transaction for all.
  • Selling or acquiring a business
    Selling or acquiring a business
    We ensure that the sales process runs smoothly, so that you can get on with the day to day operations. We provide five services: business acquisitions, sale of your business, business valuation (specifically for acquisitions and sales), financing solutions, management buyouts.

Our Corporate finance

Selling a business

Selling the business which you spent so much energy in building, is also about emotions. The best price is important, but so is feeling like you did the right thing. We also take that into account.

Buying a business

Buying a business is a long and intensive process, which requires tact and consideration. You don't want to pay too much, but you also want to preserve the relationship with the seller, especially when you want to keep the management on board.

Funding & finance

How do I finance an acquisition for growth? Investors and financiers can be the solution, but to attract potential lenders, you need a solid business plan, covering various scenarios. We can help you with that.

Management buy-out

A buy-out is not an everyday event. We can help you close the best deal. This means not only negotiating the right acquisition price, but also getting the right financing under the right conditions.

Valuation (buy/sell context)

It's understandable that there are many such questions around the sale or acquisition of a business. We provide the answers by performing business valuations.

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