Is it necessary to ascertain facts for litigation purposes? Or perhaps you are looking for a court expert? A forensic accountant or forensic IT expert can help! An independent assessment of the facts and circumstances by recognised experts will give you the advantage in the settlement of differences.

Forensic specialists

It is becoming more commonplace to call in forensic specialists in the settlement of differences, not only in response to more stringent requirements resulting from tighter controls by internal and external supervisory bodies, but also when your organisation is held accountable by competition authorities. This calls for a thorough and purposeful approach by specialists who have highly specialised knowledge and experience.

Fact-finding investigations

What can we do for you?

  • Perform a financial-legal fact-finding investigation and act as a court expert in the settlement of differences within the organisation or between organisations, as well as in the event of bankruptcy on behalf of the trustees.
  • Uncover the truth for you in cases where irregularities are suspected, such as conflicts of interests, fraud or corruption, by performing forensic investigations in the administrative and IT spheres.
  • Undertake a fact-finding investigation to substantiate your position in cases involving conflicts with supervisory bodies or the tax authorities.
  • In a forensic IT investigation, there is also an emphasis on e-discovery and forensic readiness.

We work with other Grant Thornton specialists from our specialist advisory services when performing forensic accounting and forensic IT investigations. For example, when post-merger disputes are at stake, we call on merger and takeover specialists; in cases involving damage or bankruptcies, we avail ourselves to appraisal specialists.
 Proven experience

We have a core team of forensic accountants – RA and AA – and forensic IT/e-discovery experts in Rotterdam with a long employment history. In addition, several are registered in the Dutch Register of Court Experts (Landelijk Register Gerechtelijk Deskundigen – LRGD). When carrying out our assignments – particularly in cases involving forensic investigation – we work with specially trained accountancy staff members in other offices. 

Yvonne Vlasman
Partner Valuation, investigation & dispute services
Yvonne Vlasman