Which impact strategy can we use to make a real difference?

  • What are our sustainability and impact ambitions?
  • How do we deal with the impact of a changing environment on our organization, such as climate change or loss of biodiversity?
  • Where are our opportunities to create sustainable value for ourselves and our stakeholders?
  • How do we make a difference for people and the environment with our available resources?

What do you want to achieve with your organization? Is it your mission to solve a social problem? Organizations focus on zero waste, inclusiveness, carbon neutral and fair production chains. What fits your company and which route is most effective for you? With clear goals, fact-based insight and a clear roadmap, your organization is heading in the right direction toward your goals. We help you substantially improve your impact with straightforward steps.

Together we come up with the best impact strategy

If you want to achieve your sustainability ambitions and fundamentally improve your impact, the goals and intentions must be distinctly framed and clear to everyone in the organization. We challenge you to develop a strategy that makes the biggest possible difference with the available resources. And we stay practical.

Strategic decisions, sharp analyses and potential scenarios 

You base your strategy on sharp analyses of the changing environment, opportunities and risks. We use tools and frameworks, such as value creation models, materiality analyses, scenario analyses and the theory of change. We develop scenarios and consult extensively with you on the strategic choices to be made.

Met welke impactstrategie maken we echt het verschil

You make steps with clear impact goals and logical frameworks 

Without direction, initiatives go in all directions. With the sustainability strategy that we create, it is clear to everyone in the organization what the ambitions and goals are. We develop your goals into appropriate critical performance indicators (CPIs). This gives you a blueprint for continuous improvement. And the desired outcomes are measurable. 

What are the benefits?

  • You use your available time and resources effectively
  • You make a real difference for your stakeholders, the environment and your company
  • You comply as a company with European sustainability legislation such as the CSRD, SBTi, etc
  • You have clear story for your stakeholders and can demonstrate your impact improvement with figures
  • You have an impact strategy, based on a thorough analysis
  • You know how to involve and engage the people and departments in your company
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The impact of meeting

Meeting a refugee is the best way to break down prejudices. The project Bekend maakt Bemind (‘Being Known becomes Being Loved’)  makes this possible. The Dutch Council for Refugees asked us to work out the best impact strategy for the right target groups so that this project can have as much impact as possible.

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Strategy and baseline measurement

By 2025, VodafoneZiggo wants to have helped two million people improve their social situation  and to halve its ecological footprint. To this end, the telecom provider asked us to determine a baseline measurement, supervise the implementation of a CSR strategy and set up a measurement framework.