For years, VodafoneZiggo has been striving to create social value with its products and services – and it has high ambitions. Between now and 2025, it wants to help two million people improve their social situation and to halve its ecological footprint. VodafoneZiggo asked us to determine a baseline measurement, supervise the company-wide integration of the new corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, and to set up an impact measurement and reporting framework. So we got down to work.

Baseline measurement: because how much is ‘half’?

By analysing the environmental footprint, we quantified the environmental impact and what it consisted of. This included such things as production, mobility, and energy consumption. Using that data, we saw where potential improvements could be made in pursuit halving CO2 emissions.

HR, IoT ‘solutions for good’  and Vodafone Foundation

We also looked at the social impact of the Human Resources policy, such as the number of people it employs within the Social Return target groups. We looked at the IoT solutions and the Vodafone Foundation programmes. In addition, we examined various impact domains, such as inclusion, digital skills, health and wellbeing. We looked at them in two ways: (i) the number of people you have an impact on, and (ii) the degree of impact – is it a small effect or a life-changing impact?

Roadmap to 2025

Based on the ambition and these detailed figures, we worked on the roadmap to 2025. Together with the individual business departments, we mapped out the activities that would need to be done to achieve VodafoneZiggo’s ambitions.

Inclusion and circular initiatives

A few examples: VodafoneZiggo developed IoT ‘solutions for good’ , such as virtual reality glasses that let children with long-term illnesses take part in classes and which are scalable. They also implement circular initiatives for the VodafoneZiggo production chain and develop new programmes for the Vodafone Foundation.

CSR right down to the bone

With the indicator framework we developed, VodafoneZiggo can monitor its progress along this roadmap and the company regularly reports those results to the stakeholders. By integrating CSR into every aspect of the organisation, it has been anchored into the company’s strategy.