To meet a refugee is the best way to break down prejudices and be reminded of our common humanity. The Dutch Council for Refugees is making this possible with a project called Bekend maakt Bemind (Being Known becomes Being Loved). Their questions to us were: How can we optimise our impact strategy for this project? What are the right target groups? And how can we reach them to make as much impact as possible? 

Using impact measurement to sharpen strategy’s focus and strengthen effects

Our contribution was to find ways to measure the impact of Bekend maakt Bemind. Our first impact measurements were to find out who the participants were and what they got out of the project. Together we developed an even more effective strategy: a so-called theory of change. This involved specifying the route from project activities to the desired change. This led to insights which could then be used to adjust the approach so that it could have an even greater effect.

Making a greater positive impact

The Dutch Council for Refugees now knows which target groups the project reaches and whether they are actually thinking differently about refugees. This information provides valuable insights which we can use to sharpen the project strategy. The Dutch Council for Refugees can then select the target groups which offer the best possibility for change – and make a greater positive impact.