Continuously steering and improvement - how do you design it? 

  • How do we smartly manage our sustainability and impact goals?
  • How do I design governance so that all responsibilities are clear?
  • How do we effectively use the insights and lessons learned from our data?
  • How do we ensure more knowledge internally? 

If you want to continuously drive towards your goals and use your data effectively, it is crucial that you set up your organization in the best possible way. This is also a requirement under the new European legislation requires for organizations.

Intelligent systems and alignment to existing processes

With more than 20 years of practical experience, we help you successfully implement your strategy and goals. We help you step by step: with realistic planning, connection to existing organizational processes and clear instructions. Together safe guard progress.

Building support and governance

An essential condition for success is to create and cultivate a sustainability and impact culture. We support the design of improvement processes and include employees and stakeholders at all levels in your ambitions. We also help you set up the proper governance within your organization, so that all tasks and responsibilities around sustainability and impact are clear at all levels.

Focusing on impact has much to offer

  • Equip your organization to monitor the impact of a changing environment
  • Create - and crank up - a flywheel for improvement 
  • Increase internal knowledge, support, motivation and ownership  
  • Comply with the European guidelines for steering on sustainability performance and social impact
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How do you speed up the transition?

With innovative initiatives, the DOEN Foundation wants to bring us closer to a green, social and creative society. But as an impact fund, how do you determine where you can make a difference? And which projects have the most impact? With clear KPIs and structured lessons learned from past initiatives, the DOEN Foundation is now teaching the approach that works.

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Managing their new role 

Libraries perform a wide range of social activities. In order to be more accountable to the municipalities which finance them, libraries want to better manage the impact of their activities. That is why we have come up with a learning path on impact management for libraries.