The context in which libraries used to operate has changed: from primarily lending out books, it has gone to hosting meetings, personal development activities and providing support facilities. Because libraries are now involved in these social functions, there is a growing demand for visibility when it comes to results. Libraries want to be able to manage this, as well as to be more accountable to their financiers, the local municipalities. This calls for more broad-scale impact-oriented thinking and working. That was why the Royal Library of the Netherlands (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) approached Impact House to develop a learning path made up of a series of workshops for library professionals. The goal: to equip them in their expanded role and introduce them to impact-oriented thinking and working.

Impact Management learning path

Together with professionals from the Royal Library of the Netherlands, our consultants developed a five-day Impact Management course. This course taught library professionals the skills that they needed in today’s world. In collaboration with guest speakers known nationally and internationally, our trainers took the participants through every facet of impact management. Afterwards, the participants could develop an impact strategy, create an impact framework, collect and analyse data, and report and adjust data in order to achieve a positive impact.

Up and onwards!

The demand in this field was so great that courses were booked up very quickly. And afterwards? The learning path is part of the Royal Library’s broader strategy to embed impact-oriented working more firmly within the sector. That is why other activities will be taking place in the near future. The library is developing a specialist knowledge platform and organising various information days. Look out for further updates on both the Royal Library of the Netherlands website and the Impact House website.