Contribute to a sustainable future with consideration for people and nature

Nature makes crucial contributions to our lives, economies and societies. It is time to re-evaluate our natural environment by generating an understanding of how nature affects us and how we affect nature.

Integrating biodiversity in business strategy

The impact of biodiversity loss and climate change and your organization's impact on nature and society. How do you prepare your organization? We help you make the right choices based on factual insights and information. We thus provide the building blocks for your sustainability strategy. 

Together with you, we establish indicators to clarify nature's, social and economic value, the impact of our interactions and climate change. This information is crucial for developing effective biodiversity policies, business strategies and sustainable financing.


Decision-making around biodiversity

We are strong in creating scenarios. Whether it's analyzing the socio-economic impact of making a sector more sustainable. Or mapping business risks due to landscape degradation. Or spatial mapping of climate risks. We understand the concept of 'natural capital' and can translate biodiversity into concrete strategies and actions for your organization.

We work with companies, NGOs, governments and investors on high-end impact analyses and scenarios. Together we shape a sustainable future.

Financing for a nature-inclusive strategy

We develop financing strategies for nature-inclusive developments, so-called Nature-based Solutions, for nature organizations and landscapes. In doing so, our experts contribute to developing a combination of financing instruments for nature conservation. With our experience in financial governance, and financial instruments for nature, we can contribute to the future benefits of your organization.

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In the spotlight

Mangroves to improve the resilience of coastal areas

Mangroves often improve the resilience of coastal areas better than hard, grey infrastructural solutions. With climate change in mind, we developed a business case for NBS to illustrate how a mixture of financing structures can make NBS attractive to private investors.