How can we make our impact measurable and visible?

  • How do we gain visibility into our impact on people and the environment and build more insight at our own pace?
  • How do we gain more insight into the impact of a changing world on our organization?
  • What indicators and data do we use to make responsible and strategic decisions?
  • What additional ESG data must we collect to comply with European guidelines?
  • How do we report on our performance and impact? 

From reducing CO2 to the livability of neighborhoods to understanding the risks due to climate change and loss of biodiversity; you need reliable data to manage your impact. The challenge lies in identifying the right indicators and data sources. And in interpreting that data properly. We help you with both.

Collecting data

At Impact House we work together to find the measurement that suits you. We have broad experience in various forms of primary and secondary data collection for commercial and community organizations and governments.

Whether it is about your supply chain, data on natural capital or interviewing participants in social programs: our team discovers reliable data sources with which you can measure and monitor your impact.

Moreover, we are happy to advise you on the most important guidelines, international standards and validated methods so that your measurement is always in line with what the outside world demands. Our keen eye ensures that we make optimal use of the data we collect with you.

Gaining insights and improving

Together we interpret data and make improvement plans for the future. In this way, we create a cycle of impact optimization that includes the (financial) risks. That is the core of impact management. This is how we ensure long-term value creation and social impact.

Effective reporting and communication

We value clear, concrete communication. No fuzzy, thick reports with us. You get fact sheets, clear dashboards and reports that are in tune with real-life situations. 

Measuring impact has much to offer

  • You monitor the progress of your projects, investments and sustainability and impact policy
  • You are accountable to your stakeholders such as consumers, clients, financiers and/or shareholders  
  • You motivate employees by making their contribution to a better world visible
  • You increase trust in your organization among financiers, partners and society
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Towards 100% slavery free

As a chocolate manufacturer, Tony's Chocolonely is doing everything it can to make the world of chocolate 100% slavery-free. But how do you monitor your chain? Together with Tony’s, we have set up an impact monitoring system that oversees every layer of the chain.

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Making results clearly visible

The Limburg Energy Fund (LEF) has a commitment to finance promising projects that would stimulate energy conservation, sustainable energy generation, the circular economy, and the remediation of asbestos. After six years of financing projects, Impact House has created a presentation of the inspiring results.