Crazy about chocolate, serious about people: Tony’s Chocolonely is doing everything it can to make the chocolate world 100% slavery-free. Tony’s Chocolonely wants to achieve maximum social impact and Impact House helps them measure their progress so that they can achieve this goal. We love this kind of work!

Monitoring every layer of the chain

How do you keep the mission for slavery-free chocolate at the forefront of everyone’s mind through every layer of the company? How do you continuously monitor whether you are on the right track and whether you might be able to make even more impact? Together with Tony’s employees, we set up an impact monitoring system that covers every layer of the chain.

Social impact made visible

Using this system, Tony’s can make its social impact more visible. We also investigated the circumstances of farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast with regard to healthcare, production, sales and education. We conduct annual impact audits, which is our way of checking to see whether Tony’s is still on track in terms of measuring and achieving its impact objectives.

Maximum impact made concrete

Thanks to Impact House, Tony's Chocolonely knows exactly where it stands with regard to its own impact. The company now knows which adjustments it has to make in order to maximize that impact. In addition, the company can communicate concrete results to the outside world, so that their partners and public know what Tony’s is doing to achieve its mission for slavery-free chocolate.