They are seen as a (stable) engine of the economy. This is characterized, among other things, by the visible involvement of the owner(s), rapid decision-making, the manner of management, the connection with their own people and the stability of the family business. The interaction between the company, the family and the property require specific attention. Especially since the interests of the family, the company and the owners are closely related to each other (and sometimes diametrically opposed). Read further how we can advise you as an entrepreneur/shareholder in the family business.

Challenges for family businesses

As a family business owner, you have to deal with all kinds of issues. On a financial, tax as well as strategic level. But also, regarding trends such as sustainability, digitization and automation. An unexpected crisis or an opportunity can be a challenge that will raise the necessary questions. Themes that we often see in family businesses and that we get questions about are: passing on a (financially healthy) company to the next generation, passing on your assets, making an acquisition or selling, keeping your employees happy or finding the right employee who fits in the culture of your family business and more. Our specialists are happy to help you with these challenges and issues. Not only to solve them, but also to spar, to enter into dialogue and to keep an eye on family interests.

How do we help your family business?

Our advisors are happy to be at your side when it comes to your business, ownership and family interests. We do this based on our core values - where cooperation is considered to be of importance - based on our experience and above all by listening to you. Are you doing business abroad or in a sustainable way? Or are you planning to do this? With our (international) expertise, partly thanks to our versatile and international network, we are happy to assist you in this.

We endorse the importance of the family business in the Dutch economy. As an experienced consultant, we are happy to deliver that little bit of added value that unburdens you and gives you the space to do business.

Do you have a family business, and would you like to discuss your issues and/or challenges with our family business specialists? Call us!

Karin van Wijngaarden
Partner accountancy | family businesses
Karin van Wijngaarden