Past Event: Thursday, September 14, 2023

As announced, multinationals may be affected by the introduction of Pillar 2, the new international minimum tax Act. To help you prepare for this upcoming legislation and its possible tax consequences for your organisation we invite you to our Pillar 2 masterclass in Amsterdam.

Why should you attend this masterclass?

The Netherlands is one of the countries that will introduce the Pillar 2 tax system. Pillar 2 could impose significant obligations on companies that fall within its scope. To be ready for the implementation of Pillar 2, it is important to assess the potential impact of Pillar 2 for your organisation. After our webinar in June 2023, we now continue our Pillar 2 approach with two masterclasses (physical meetings) were we will make a deep dive into the legislation, its effect in practice and the compliance obligations that it entails.

The masterclasses will consist of two sessions

Session 1: In this session we will take a closer look at the Pillar 2 legislation and explain how it works. In addition, we will use examples to explain the different situations that are important. This is how we want to make a translation from theory to practice.

Session 2: In this second session we will discuss several case studies (plenary and in break out groups). These case studies will be the most common Pillar 2 cases. In addition, we want to provide practical information and tips on how to deal with the upcoming compliance obligations and their timing. In this second masterclass you also have the opportunity to discuss issues or bottlenecks from within your own organization.

After your registration you will be provided with a detailed agenda and speakers.

Who should attend?

People that are involved in the tax field of companies that are part of a group with a turnover that exceeds EUR 750 million - or which will exceed this threshold in the coming years.

For optimum interaction we aim to keep the group of attendances limited in size, but it is possible to bring a colleague.


The masterclasses will take place at the following dates:

September 14th
October 5th

Grant Thornton office Amsterdam | 14:00 - 18:00h – From 17h we will have time for a chat and a drink/bites.

Kindly note that these masterclasses will be presented in English.


Onno Backx

Onno Backx