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Mobility Perspectives

Pam Meeuwsen
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Grant Thornton’s Mobility Perspectives is part of our effort to provide the international mobility community with the latest updates and background information on mobility topics.

Salary thresholds 2023

The IND has announced the new salary thresholds for highly skilled migrants in 2023:  

Highly Skilled Migrant & ICT  

Under 30 years  

€ 3.672 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance) 

Highly Skilled Migrant & ICT  

30 years and older 

€ 5.008 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance) 

Orientation Year/Recent Graduates 

€ 2.631 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance) 

EU Blue card 

€ 5.867 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance) 

The new salary thresholds are applicable to all applications (new employees and extensions) filed in 2023. 

IND legal fees 2023


Fee < 50 employees in € 

Fee > 50 employees in € 

Application Recognized Sponsorship (one-time) 




Fee per assignee in € 

Fee per family member in € 

Application NL work- and residence permit (non-EU employees) 



Visa extension 



Combined visa (GVVA)  



IND backlog family reunification 

The IND is currently dealing with a high number of applications for people that wish to join their family members in the Netherlands. Therefore, the time it takes to receive a decision will be longer than usual. In order to speed up the process as much as possible, the IND requests us to: 

  • Submit a complete application. Add all requested enclosures (e.g. birth or marriage certificate). 
  • See that the documents have been legalized when you submit the application.  

Grant Thornton will gladly assist you to ensure all documents are in order and the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Temporary Protection Directive prolonged (Ukraine) 

The applicability of the Temporary Protection Directive has been extended until the 4th of March 2024.  

Every person that falls under the scope of the Directive has a right to housing, medical care, and education (minors) and is allowed to work. The Directive will remain valid until the new end date, or until Ukraine is deemed safe enough to return to.  

Non-Ukrainians with a temporary Ukrainian residence permit are no longer covered by the directive after 4 March 2023. 

Opening Bangalore consulate

In 2022, the consular service department at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Bangalore was made fully operational. The consular desk in Bangalore will be able to assist with the application for Dutch MVV’s (entry visas). Scheduling an appointment at this location could be preferable for employees living in the South of India. Of course, it is also still possible to make an appointment in New Delhi or Mumbai.  

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