Mobility Perspectives

Mobility Perspectives

Pam Meeuwsen
Mobility Perspectives - salarisnormen 2024 voor kennismigraten
Grant Thornton's Mobility Perspectives covers various aspects of international mobility, including salary standards for highly skilled migrants in 2024, IND fees for various applications, the 30% ruling for 2024 and changes to the European Blue Card, along with updates on the extension of the Temporary Protection Directive for Ukraine.

Salary thresholds 2024 for highly skilled migrants

The IND has published the new salary standards for highly skilled migrants in 2024. These standards are effective for all applications submitted in 2024, including new applications and extensions. The overview below lists the new salary standards:

Highly Skilled Migrant & ICT 
Under 30 years 
€ 3.909 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance)
Highly Skilled Migrant & ICT 
30 years and older
€ 5.331 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance)
Orientation Year/Recent Graduates € 2.801 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance)
EU Blue card € 6.245 gross (excl. 8% holiday allowance)

IND legal fees 2024

The IND has set specific fees for various applications in 2024. The costs range between €380 and €4,560 for various applications, such as sponsorship recognition, work and residence permits for non-EU workers and extensions.

  Fee < 50 employees in € Fee > 50 employees in €
Application Recognized Sponsorship (one-time) 2.279 4.560
  Fee per assignee in € Fee per family member in €
Application NL work- and residence permit (non- EU employees) 380 228
Visa extension 380 228
Combined visa (GVVA)  380  

Salary thresholds 30% ruling 2024 

For the application of the 30% rule in 2024, a regular salary standard of more than 46,107 euros gross per year applies. For Young Masters, a reduced salary standard of more than 35,048 euros gross per year applies.

All upcoming changes for the 30% rule in 2024 are covered in this article.

New EU Blue Card rules

The revised European Blue Card regulation, adopted on 20 October 2021, brings some changes that are expected to be transposed into national regulations in the first quarter of 2024. Some changes have already been implemented this year. Below, you will find a list of the most important changes:

  • In addition to a higher education degree, ICT managers and professionals can now qualify based on work experience.
  • The minimum term of the required employment contract has been shortened from 12 to 6 months.
  • EU Blue Card holders who have benefited from long-term mobility , , may be able to qualify for EU long-term resident status earlier, as they may also count certain other forms of residence for this purpose.  
  • For the Blue Card, this means that the IND tries to assess the application within 30 days, instead of the previously applicable 90 days.

Temporary Protection Directive of Ukraine prolonged 

The applicability of the Temporary Protection Directive has been extended until March 4, 2025. This entitles people under this directive to housing, medical care, education for minors and employment in the Netherlands until the new expiry date or until return to Ukraine is safe. Non-Ukrainians with a temporary Ukranian residence permit are no longer covered by the directive after 4 March 2023.

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