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Grant Thornton obtains ISAE 3402 statement for the third time

Confirming reliability and quality in financial administrative services

Grant Thornton has obtained the ISAE 3402 statement for its financial administrative services for the third time. It confirms once again that entrepreneurs who outsource their financial or payroll administration to Grant Thornton can count on high-quality and diligent processes.

Reliability and Quality as Core Values

Quality and reliability are at the core of our services. Marcel Blöte, chairman of the board, emphasises the importance of this statement: "This repeated recognition, for the third time in a row, confirms that our processes are compliant with the set standards. Knowing that the data you have trusted us with, is in reliable and trustworthy hands, is so important for entrepreneurs. We can prove that our processes are manageable effectively and carry little to no risk. I am proud that we have again successfully demonstrated that we guarantee this high-quality level of service."

Added value for entrepreneurs

Medium-sized companies are showing a growing trend in (re)outsourcing (payroll) administration. "Especially for larger companies with 25-100+ employees, the ISAE declaration provides a significant added value," Egbert Jan Blonk, partner at Grant Thornton. "We are at the leading edge of payroll services in the Netherlands that have achieved a declaration for their processes. Our declaration provides proof to financial bodies, stakeholders and, of course, employees that the data are, in a suficient degree of certainty, reliable," Egbert Jan continues.

Robert Karremans, partner at Grant Thornton Outsourcing, comments, " While we are among the frontrunners with this declaration for our payroll services, we are the first to obtain the declaration for our Outsourcing services in the Netherlands. We are able to manage the complete administration for medium-sized businesses in a highly efficient way. Entrepreneurs strive for quality and expertise, and want to proactively avoid problems, for example in VAT returns. The complete relief offered by Grant Thornton Outsourcing, gives entrepreneurs the freedom to focus on what they do best, pure entrepreneurship." John Peek, senior manager Payroll, added: "The ISAE declaration offers entrepreneurs the reassurance that our work processes meet strict quality standards. Our payroll is a good example of both efficiency and quality. We are leading the way in the market in that respect too."

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