Are EBITDA adjustments to be expected? Will buyers face any unforeseen debts? How much of the bid will be left? All good questions. Selling a business can be stressful if there's uncertainty about the figures, and about the conditions of the sale. Vendor due diligence or vendor assist can provide the required insight and support for the sales process.

Information and clarity

Our vendor due diligence investigation  or vendor assist service provide well-founded insights into the financial basis of your company. We manage information collection during our due diligence investigation and use it to carry out in-depth analyses to rationalise the value of your business. Leaving you with your hands free to carry on running the business.

Rationales - risks - information

Our due diligence investigation identifies risk areas and enables the timely sharing of potential issues related to the transaction. This provides insight into the net amount you can expect after the sale. The information contained in our deliverables also supports you, as buyers use this to base their bids on, and you can use it to answer their information requests. This optimises the sales process, and ensures that the vendor is one step ahead in the auction process.

Benefit from the sales process

Bidding parties will conduct their own due diligence, resulting in a competitive bidding process. We can manage and supervise that process. Experience has shown that investing in a vendor due diligence or vendor assist more than pays off – in terms of higher transaction prices, smoother processes and better conditions of sale.

The benefits of our vendor due diligence or vendor assist service

  • Insight into the figures that are important for the valuation.
  • Know the risks and remaining in control of your sales process.
  • An optimal selling price.
  • Having a partner. You will receive our full support throughout the sales process.
  • An increased likelihood of a good deal.

"We mapped out the underlying results, the working capital and financing requirements for a transport company, on a monthly basis. As a result, these topics did not arise as a major issue during the sales process, which involved multiple bidders. Without this support, the company would have realised significantly lower proceeds for the vendor.”

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