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Cashflow forecast

Where do I get the money from to grow my business?

Growth can be financed in many ways. It is sensible to first look at the types of financing available that suit your product or service. And to get a good overview of the various methods of financing and the things you need to take into account. Is it investment you require, for example, or rather working capital? Is external financing required or is your company doing so well that you have excess liquidity? When is your need the greatest, and is this temporary or permanent, or do you work in a sector that knows seasonal patterns?

A cashflow forecast provides insight into the expected money flows. It is expected that debtors pay within 30 days and that you deal with your creditors in the same way. If this is different than your forecast, you analyse this and make changes. A cashflow forecast provides you with the insight required. External parties often also require a forecast with the request for financing.

We can help you with:

Up-to-date figures
We keep your cashflow forecast up-to-date based on the figures from your online financial administration. We take the trends into account that are relevant for your company. And, together with you, we add new aspects to the cashflow forecast – such as new policy, the expected impact on actions to be taken, investments. This quickly gives you an insight into potential deficits and it allows you to make policy changes based on this knowledge.

The dashboard software allows you to calculate different new scenarios. This provides the right information for steering your company in a different direction where necessary. Grant Thornton provides the software and supports in making the overviews and using the software.  

All of the figures from your online administration are connected in a financial dashboard, with an overview of (a specific period of) among other things your capital, turnover, costs and results. KPIs that are relevant for you, and employee information such as contract details for an overview of ending temporary contracts. It gives you insight into, for example, your up-to-date liquidity information and/or whether your debtors are paying within the payment period.

Check your figures against the registered budget and cashflow forecast. Are the results lagging when compared to your budget, or is your working capital under pressure and are you unable to meet your obligations? Monitoring the data from the online administration and the dashboard allow you to quickly identify issues and act upon them. This insight allows you to adjust your debtor management or ask for credit in time. Make the move from management based on historical data to managing based on up-to-date and forward-looking information.

Would you like insight into your liquidity?

Please contact one of our advisers to draft a cashflow forecast.


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