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Consolidated accounts

Which insights will the consolidated accounts provide?

You want to be able to trust your (financial) figures. And your stakeholders want that, too. With the consolidated accounts, we give you insight into the financial position of your company over the previous financial year. The consolidated accounts are used to provide financial accountability to the tax authorities and other stakeholders, such as external suppliers.

Compiling the consolidated accounts

The consolidated accounts consist of three parts: The balance sheet, the profit & loss statements, and the accompanying explanatory notes. The size of your company determines the amount of financial information you have to provide in your consolidated accounts.

Our accountants combine professional expertise with personal engagement. They provide the Auditor's Report with the consolidated accounts, according to Nederlandse Standaard 4410.

Can I quickly access interim results?

Interim results of your financial position provide an insight into how your company is doing. By connecting your financial administration to a financial dashboard, you get an up-to-date overview at any moment.

We can help you with:

  • (Support with the) compiling and presenting of the consolidated accounts;
  • Analysing whether the consolidated accounts match our knowledge of your company;
  • Besides compiling the consolidated accounts, we can also assist with the tax returns.

Do you want to be able to trust your financial figures?

Contact one of our advisers for compilation of your consolidated accounts.


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